This video was a 60 second video made of clips from others. I downloaded and clipped images to fit the 60 second window. I made this video in adobe. It was difficult as i prefer using final cut this showed me a new software. I was able to use it and be succesful .


Different angles video

This video was made as an assignment to show different kinds of cuts and angles in filming. I had to find examples from different movies and the trim them and add text. This made it so that i had to find these examples in real situations.


This was a website I created to learn the basics of wordpress. It was supposed to be a fine dining website. I created a banner in adobe photoshop. Then I added a description and created pages.  I even made it so that there was a recipe on the site. It lead to the worlds greatest meatball recipe. If you would like to see for yourself the website the link is here.

Skulls tattoo shop

In this project we learned how to go online and download vector graphics and font. We were tasked with creating a tattoo shop logo based on a skull. We had to pretend like it was an actual job and give the customer different options. We created 3 separate and different logos al shown above to allow the “customer” to choose what they want. We had to be able to trace all the vector graphics with the pen tool. In some cases resize and edit the graphic to fit our needs. Then add text to make it for a tattoo shop.